• Heavy At Home Playlist September 22 2014


    Envenomed – The Shadowland
    The Murdering – You Have The Flight To Remain Silent

    The Autumn League – The Hour Is At Hand
    Dead Kelly – Sarah’s Last Bush dance

    Darkc3ll – Hollywood Scars
    Zombonimo – Push Arm

    Alkira – Inner Self

    Dyssidia – Lay To Ruin
    Whoretopsy – Nature’s Pocket
    Silent Knight – Prisoner Of Your World

    Hadal Maw – From the Mouths of Monsters

    Ne Obliviscaris – Painters of the tempest (PTII) (Triptych Lux), Movement III, Curator
    Kettlespider – Evolution

    The Mark Of Cain – 1000 Yards
    King Parrot – Blaze In The Northern Suburbs
    Cerebral Contortion – Brain Damage

    Guards Of May – Annotata
    BloodKlot – Hantu Demon
    Sleepmakeswaves – Emergent

    The Seer – The Plague

    I Am Duckeye – Grip It

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