• Heavy At Home Playlist September 28 2015


    Gay Paris – The Dirt Eaters
    Whisky Smile – The Grindstone

    Parkway Drive – Bottom Feeder
    Majora – Grandis

    Deafhaven – Brought To The Water
    Gods Of Eden – Lost in Fables

    Caligula’s Horse – Marigold
    Annihilist – Solace In Suffering

    Horizons Edge – Out Of The Ashes
    Catacombs – III

    Segression – Home Killing
    Chaos Divine – Badge of Honour
    Voyager – Broken
    The Occupants – Hindsight
    Chronolyth – Revenants
    Last 9 Days – Bow To None
    Darkc3ll – Freakenstein
    Voros – Devilment
    Dungeon – The Art of War
    Fear is a Liar – The Fall
    The Levitation Hex – Scratch A Life and Find A Thief
    High Tension – Killed By Life
    Karnivool – Fear of the Sky


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