Heavy At Home Playlist September 8 2014


Segression - Scar Me Now
Neotokyo - Neon

Whoretopsy - While You Were Sleeping

Silent Knight - Prisoner Of Your World
Hadal Maw - Invisible Eye
Shihad - The Great Divide

Dead Letter Circus - Say Your Prayers (acoustic)
The Seer - Deviant

Jericco - Colour Outside The Lines
Alchemist - Spiritechnology

Castration Party - Friend Of Last Resort
I Am Duckeye - Headbutt
Nekrology - Abomination

The Mark Of Cain - Grey 11
Carbon Black - Carbon Black / Mourning

Killrazer - Salt In The Wound
Dead Kelly - Solid Rock

Death Dependant - The Disinterment
Hemina - Hope

Chaos Divine - Silence
Karnivool - Themata

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