• Heavy At Home Playlist September 9 2013


    The Eternal – In Severance
    Tusk – Army Of Brothers
    Blood of the Many – Own Enemies
    Arteries – Like Clockwork
    As Angels Bleed – Driven To Flames
    Se Bon Ki Ra – This Life I Create
    Claim The Throne – Incursion
    COMP WINNER! x3 Tracks Requested by Leah for her x3 word response below!
    Australian Metal is…’Gina Rinehart’s livelihood’.
    3) Be’lakor – Aspect
    2) Black Majesty – Further Than Insane
    1) Deströyer 666 – I Am The Wargod (Ode To The Battle Slain)
    Perpetual End – Survival
    Mordavia – Obey & Conform?
    Recoil VOR – Breathing
    Lord – On A Night Like This
    Henry’s Anger – One To Fifteen
    DeathFuckingCunt – Suffocated By Macromastia
    Synthetic Breed – Beyond the Sphere of Reason
    Contrive – Confusions Way
    espers Descent – Feed the fear
    azmat – Extinct

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