HEAVY AT HOME Sep 25 2017



Claim The Throne - Where Night Passed and Sunlight Shone
King Parrot - Disgrace Yourself


Caligula's Horse - Songs for No One
Coffin Carousel - Skull Candy


Contrive - Throwaway
Awaken Solace - End Of Innocence


Kettlespider - Circus
Cursed Earth - Grief


Yanomano - Blood Red, Black God
I Am Duckeye - Plums
Vault Of Valor - Plague Of The Earth


Lavidius - Cold and Alone
Twelve Foot Ninja - Coming For You
Lo! - Glutton
Teramaze - Her Halo
Psycroptic - Cruelty Incarnate
Chaos Divine - Refuse The Sickness
Truth Corroded - Hunt All Heroe
Cog - Paris, Texas
Dreadnaught - The Gobbler
Hybrid Nightmares - Ultor
Karnivool - The Refusal
Hadal Maw - Failed Harvest
Aversions Crown - Prismatic Abyss
Mortal Sin - Robbie Soles
Looking Glass - Freya


Heavy At Home

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