• HEAVY AT HOME September 12 2016 Playlist



    Twelve Foot Ninja – Post Mortem
    Meshiaak – At The Edge Of The World


    Nucleust – Faith By The Sword
    Darkc3ll – Preacher


    Mammoth Mammoth – Taste Your Blood
    Plini – Inhale
    Airbourne – Rivalry


    Naberus – Unmasked
    The Outcome – The End


    Dirty Wolves – Apache
    Hellbringer – Spectre Of Rebirth


    Vanishing Point – Pillars Of Sand
    Make Them Suffer – Let Me In
    Sydonia – Eyes Of Sand
    Blood Duster – She’s A Junkie
    Mortal Sin – Psychology of Death
    Superheist – Hands Up High
    Frankenbok – Dig
    Elegeion – Scars
    Lycanthia – Within The Walls
    Breaking Orbit – Callsign
    Ruins – Hanged after being blinded


    Heavy At Home

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