INSTRUMENTAL MENTAL Playlist August 18 2013


Carnivore - Five Billion Dead
Intronaut - Valley Of Smoke
Pagan's Mind - Coming Home
Mezarkabul - For Those Who Died Alone
Agalloch - A Celebration For The Death Of Man...
Sonata Arctica - Everything Fades to Gray
Amorphis - Thousand Lakes
Firewind - Before the Storm
Scorpions - Coast To Coast
Lost Horizon - The Song Of Air
Vision Divine - Nemesis
Tool - Merkaba (Live)
Soulfly - Soulfly VI
Ludichrist - T.B.O.S. (Barbiere Di Siviglia)
King Diamond - Cremation
Black Sabbath - Laguna Sunrise
Dream Theater - Breaking All Illusions
Ghost - Genesis
Dokken - Mr. Scary
Mastodon - Bladecatcher
Unearth - Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos
Sodom - Procession To Golgatha
Carcass - Genital Grinder
Insomnium - Decoherence
Manowar - Today is a Good Day to Die
Shadows Fall - Prelude To Disaster

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