• INSTRUMENTAL MENTAL Playlist July 21 2013


    In Flames – Dialogue With The Stars
    Apocalyptica – Resurrection
    All That Remains – Regret Not
    Sentenced – Kaamos
    Sodom – Tribute To Moby Dick
    The Black Dahlia Murder – Built For Sin
    Bleeding Through – The Truth
    Meshuggah – Obsidian
    Blood Tsunami – Horsehead Nebula
    The Devin Townsend Band – Away
    Eyefear – Naked Spirit
    Katatonia – Instrumental
    Blood Duster – Instrumental 1
    Samael – Instrumental
    Red Descending – Valhalla
    Rob Zombie – Sawdust In The Blood
    Sleepmakeswaves – What we cannot speak of must be passed over in silence
    Faith No More – Instrumental
    Soilwork – Centro De Predominio
    Monuments – Denial
    Cradle Of Filth – She Mourns A Lengthening Shadow
    Darkthrone – Accumulation of Generalisation
    Pungent Stench – Klyster Boogie (Instrumental Version)
    Pagan’s Mind – Back To The Magic Of Childhood (Instrumental) Part 2 – Exploring Life
    Melechesh – When Halos of Candles Collide
    Heaven Shall Burn – Atonement
    Nightrage – Solus

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