• INSTRUMENTAL MENTAL Playlist July 28 2013


    Iron Maiden – Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)
    Rhapsody – Trolls In The Dark (Instrumental)
    Kataklysm – World of Treason (Instrumental Vibrations)
    Shadows Fall – The Great Collapse
    Evereve – The Eclipse Of The Seventh Sun
    The Kordz – Beauty and the East
    Burning Skies – Instrumental
    Novembre – Valentine (Almost An Instrumental)
    Dragonlord – Vals De La Muerte
    Mortification – Free As A Bird
    Gorgoroth – Heavens Fall
    Agalloch – The Hawthorne Passage
    Deep Purple – High Ball Shooter
    NonExist – Nowhere
    Overkill – Frankenstein
    Blotted Science – Ingesting Blattaria
    Zombi – Through Time
    Solefald – Dark Waves Dying
    Parkway Drive – The Cruise
    Yngwie J.Malmsteen’s Rising Force – Majestic Blue
    Metallica – The Call Of Ktulu
    Isis – Altered Course
    Nevermore – Precognition

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