INSTRUMENTAL MENTAL Playlist September 22 2013


Korn - Porno Creep
Metallica - The Call Of Ktulu
Prescient - Phases of Penumbra pt1
Prescient - Phases of Penumbra pt2
Tool - Triad
Zombi - Through Time
Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony
Carcass - 1985
Behold... The Arctopus - You Will Be Reincarnated as an Imperial Attack Spaceturtle
Arch Enemy - Hybrids of Steel
Kreator - Choir Of The Damned
Lamb Of God - Ashes of the Wake
Judas Priest - Battle Hymn
Opeth - For Absent Friends
Iced Earth - 1776
Dream Theater - Stream Of Consciousness
Agalloch - Falling Snow
Sepultura - Inquisition Symphony
Blotted Science - A Sting Operation
Van Halen - 1984

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