Babymetal – Karate

Deftones – Prayers / Triangles

Anthrax – Blood Eagle Wings

Borknagar – Cold Runs The River

Kverlertak – 1985

Steel Panther – The Burden of Being Wonderful (Live Acoustic)

Interview w/ Simone Simons – EPICA – Part.1

Epica – The Second Stone

The Levitation Hex – Disrate

Redemption – Thirty Silver

Surgical Meth Machine – Unlistenable

Filter – Mother E

Limb From Limb – The Stench Of Our Victory

Primal Fear – We Walk Without Fear

Interview w/ Simone Simons – EPICA – Part.2

Epica – The Essence of Silence

Interview w/ Simone Simons – EPICA – Part.3

Epica – The Quantum Enigma – Kingdom of Heaven part II

Prong – Soul Sickness

RANDOM REQUESTS! Songs that contain the word “TERROR” in the title!

Benediction – Subsconcious Terror

Kreator – Terror Zone

Cannibal Corpse – Death Walking Terror

Accept – Teutonic Terror

Children of Bodom – Bodom Beach Terror

Grave – Unholy Terror

Demons & Wizards – Terror Train

Lamb Of God – Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard

Black Label Society – Superterrorizer

Hate Eternal – The Obscure Terror

Alestorm – Death throes of the Terrorsquid