Tool – AEnema
Bleed From Within – Uprising
Ghost B.C. – Depth Of Satan’s Eyes
Amorphis – Enchanted By The Moon
Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?
In Flames – Deliver Us
Deftones – You ve seen the butcher
The Occupants – I’ve Been Thinking
Alice In Chains – Stone
Interview w/ THE SWORD
Interview Part.1
The Sword – Freya
Interview Part.2
Megadeth – Super Collider
Shifting The Paradigm – Left To Burn
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Prancer
Interview w/ Donald Tardy from Obituary
Interview Part.1
Obituary – Body Bag
Interview Part.2
Obituary – Back to One
Interview Part.3
Obituary – Stinkupuss
Sevendust – Decay
Deathstars – Death Dies Hard
Clutch – The Face
Interview / Kirk Windstein from DOWN
Interview Part.1
Crowbar – Planets Collide
Interview Part.2
Kingdom Of Sorrow – Lead The Ghosts Astray
Down – Lifer
Metal Church – Badlands
Death Audio – Down
Bad News – Drink Till I Die

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