Clutch – Firebirds
Gods Of Eden – Lost in Fables

Huntress – Flesh
Stratovarius – Few Are Those

Megadeth – Fatal Illusion

Zombi – Pillars of the Dawn
Witchskull – The Vast Electric Dark
Devil You Know – Consume The Damned

Sevendust – Death Dance
Malevolent Creation – Resistance Is Victory

Killing Joke – War On Freedom

Intronaut – Fast Worms

Caligula’s Horse – Firelight
Children Of Bodom – Mask Of Sanity

Queensryche – Toxic Remedy
Vreid – Storm Frå Vest

Audiotopsy – The Calling
Ouroboros – Horizons

Coheed & Cambria – Here To Mars

Catacombs – IV
Monster Magnet – Watch Me Fade
Scale the Summit – The Winged Bull

Children Of Bodom – My Bodom (I am The Only One)

ROCK/METAL Requests containing the word ‘DIVINE’ in the title!
Morbid Angel – Pain Divine
Slayer – Divine Intervention
High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine
Blind Guardian – Control The Divine
Korn – Divine
Coroner – Divine Step Conspectu Mortis
Job For A Cowboy – The Divine Falsehood
Pagan’s Mind – Infinity Divine
Amon Amarth – A Fury Divine
Hatebreed – Divine Judgment