Unearth – Into the Abyss
Ghost – Jesus He Knows Me
Sevendust – Fence
DevilDriver – If Blood is Life
Metallica – Too Far Gone
Ghost Engine – Animal
Nervosa – Endless Ambition
Gloryhammer – Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy
Lo! – Mannons Horn
Tribulation – Hemoclysm
Rise Of The Northstar – Crank It Up
Scar Symmetry – Scorched Quadrant
Our Last Enemy – Slay For Me
The Night Flight Orchestra – The Sensation
Ne Obliviscaris – Equus
Sirenia – Twist In My Sobriety
The Ocean – Parabiosis
Overkill – Fever
The Amity Affliction – Show Me Your God
Lordi – Inhumanoid
One Only – A Rock/Metal album you first hated but now love?
Motley Crue – Hooligan’s Holiday
Judas Priest – Jugulator
King Diamond – The Family Ghost
Napalm Death – Scum
Slayer – Stain Of Mind
Sepultura – Choke
Black Sabbath – Dirty Women
Devin Townsend – Night
Death – Trapped In A Corner