A Perfect Circle – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Dimmu Borgir – Lightbringer


At The Gates – Daggers Of Black Haze
Bleeding Through – Set Me Free


Bullet For My Valentine – Over It
Ihsahn – Arcana Imperii


Ghost – Rats
Dead Letter Circus – The Armour You Own


Amorphis – The Bee
Graveyard – Cold Love
Anthrax – Madhouse (LIVE)


Sleep – The Botanist


Interview w/ Ross The Boss Part.1
Ross The Boss – By Blood Sworn
Interview w/ Ross The Boss Part.2
Manowar – Warlord
Interview w/ Ross The Boss Part.3
Ross The Boss – This Is Vengeance
Manowar – Hail And Kill


Marduk – June 44
Dress The Dead – Promises Kisses
Kalmah – The Evil Kin


Sevendust – Not Original


Songs that contain the word ‘Solider’ or ‘Trooper’ in the title!
Opeth – Soldier Of Fortune
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Sepultura – Troops Of Doom (Live)
Nine Inch Nails – The Good Soldier
Ace Frehley – Rock Soldiers
DragonForce – Soldiers of the Wasteland
Chaos Divine – Soldiers
System Of A Down – Soldier Side
Agathodaimon – Spirit Soldier
Cradle Of Filth – Onward Christian Soldiers