Huntress – Flesh
Burgerkill – United Front
Gama Bomb – 666teen
Alice In Chains – Never Fade
Sinsaenum – I Stand Alone
Opeth – Sorceress (Live)
Red Bee – Silent Enemy
Terrorizer – Invasion
Soulfly – Evil Empowered
Warbringer – Power Unsurpassed
Bear The Mammoth – Known Unknowns
Metal Allegiance – Bound by Silence (feat. John Bush)
High On Fire – Electric Messiah
Pig Destroyer – The Torture Fields
Once Human – Davidian
Whoretopsy – Divine Indigestion
Deafheaven – Honeycomb
Otep – Molotov
Moonspell – Love Crimes (Live)
Deicide – Seal The Tomb Below
Hatchet – Final Sanctuary
One Only! Bands that begin with the letter “F”?
Face Down – Kill The Pain
Fu Manchu – King of the Road
Faith No More – Caffeine
Fear Factory – Martyr
Frankenbok – Dig
Filter – Hey Man Nice Shot
Forstora – One Last Stand
Forbidden – Chalice of Blood
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Firewind – We Defy
Farmakon – My Sanctuary In Solitude
Fallujah – Abandon