Napalm Death – Logic Ravaged By Brute Force
Wolf – Midnight Hour
The Night Flight Orchestra – Divinyls
In This Moment – The In-Between
Sepultura – Raging Void
Sons Of Apollo – Asphyxiation
White Stones – Worms
Today Is The Day – You’re All Gonna Die
Devilskin – Corrode
Marko Hietala – Runner of the Railways
Echoes of Reckoning – The Permanent Decay
Suicide Silence – In Hiding
Kvelertak – Crack of Doom (feat. Troy Sanders)
Sylosis – Shield
Kirk Windstein – Once Again
Vader – Shock and Awe
Intronaut – Cubensis
Anubis  – Home
Kreator – Flag Of Hate (Live)
Abysmal Dawn – Hedonistic
My Dying Bride – Your Broken Shore
God Dethroned – Spirit of Beelzebub
Oceans – We Are The Storm
Monuments – Animus
HEAVY REQUESTS – One band only, where their drummer passed away!
Corrosion Of Conformity – Damned For All Time
Decapitated – Day 69
Megadeth – Tornado of Souls
Death – Lack Of Comprehension
Pantera – Slaughtered
Sodom – Tired And Red
Helloween – Eagle Fly Free
Iron Maiden – Total Eclipse
Rainbow – Stargazer