Once Human – Deadlock
Times Of Grace – Rescue
Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation
Obscura – Solaris
Twelve Foot Ninja – Start The Fire
Lucifungus – Night Of The Living Derek
Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon
Dee Snider – Time To Choose
A Pale Horse Named Death – Shards Of Glass
Ministry – Good Trouble
Pestilence – Mortifervm
White Stones – Chain Of Command
Endvs – A Storms Clarity
Blood Red Throne – Itika
Darkthrone – Wake Of The Awakened
Sepultura – Apes of God (feat. Rob Cavestany)
At The Gates – Cosmic Pessimism
Paradise Lost – Gothic (Live)
Jake Weber – The Beacon
Deafheaven – The Gnashing
Powerwolf – Beast of Gevaudan
Jinjer – Vortex
HEAVY REQUESTS – Rock/Metal songs about ‘body parts’!
Sodom – Body Parts
Alice In Chains – Them Bones
Cannibal Corpse – Hatchet To The Head
Pantera – Mouth for War
Anthrax – A Skeleton in the Closet
Prong – Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Napalm Death – Born On Your Knees
Meshuggah – Pineal Gland Optics
Five Finger Death Punch – The way of the fist
Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells
Carcass – Genital Grinder
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Gold Teeth on a Bum
Macabre – Fatal Foot Fetish