Alice In Chains – The One You Know
Ihsahn – In Rites Of Passage
Clutch – Gimme the Keys
Primal Fear – Hounds Of Justice
Ghost – Witch Image
Dimmu Borgir – Lightbringer
Nine Inch Nails – God Break Down The Door
Epica – Crimson Bow and Arrow
The Night Flight Orchestra – Moments Of Thunder
Witchskull – Demon Cage
Gruesome – Fate
Five Finger Death Punch – Top Of The World
Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods
Sinsaenum  – Final Resolve
Opus Of A Machine – Up Out
Marduk – Tiger I
Kataklysm – In Limbic Resonance
Grill – Circadian Patterns
Godsmack – Someday
Blood Tsunami – Allegory of the Cave
Bad Wolves – Run For Your Life
Slayer vs Vanessa Paradis – South of Taxi – (MashUp)
The Bee Gees vs AC/DC – Stayin in Black – (Mashup)
Megatallica – Welcome My Darkest Hour – (MashUp)
Dio vs Survivor – Holy Tiger – The Eye of the Diver – (MashUp)
Bryan Adams vs Metallica – Enter You – (Mashup)
Iron Maiden vs The Crystal Method – Crystal Maiden – (Mashup)
SlipKnot vs Thomas the Tank Engine – PsychoThomas – (Mashup)
Slayer vs Ace of Base – Ensemble That She Wants – (Mashup)
Gloria Gaynor vs Metallica – One Will Survive – (Mashup)
Stevie Wonder vs Metallica – Sad But Superstitious – (Mashup)
Ed Sheeran vs Disturbed – Shape of the Sickness (Mashup)
Iron Maiden vs Michael Jackson – Beat It Trooper! – (MashUp)
Slayer vs Marvin Gaye – South Of The Grapevine – (Mashup)