Dragonforce – Curse of Darkness
Sikth – Golden Cufflinks


Dying Fetus – Die With Integrity
Blind Guardian – Prophecies (Live)


Rex Brown Band – Train Song
Toxicon – Circling
Alestorm – Pegleg Potion


Edguy – Ravenblack
Suffocation – The Warmth Within The Dark


Dream Evil – Six Hundred And 66
Duneeater – One Eyed Samurai
Municipal Waste – Poison the Preacher


Anathema – Can’t Let Go
Leng Tch’e – Stentor of Doom
Branch Arterial – Where I Belong


The Furor – Cavalries of the Occult
Between The Buried And Me – Memory Palace (Live)


All That Remains – Open Grave
Somnium Nox – Transcendental Dysphoria
Taberah – The Final March of Man


Cemetery Urn – The Sickening Sect


Random HEAVY Song Requests!
Choose ONE song that contains a ‘DAY’, ‘MONTH’ or ‘YEAR in the title! \m/
Katatonia – July
TesseracT – April
Daysend – September
Type O Negative – September Sun
Segression – Fifth of the Fifth
Kvelertak – 1985
Opeth – Dirge For November
Megadeth – Good Mourning/Black Friday
Iced Earth – Last December
Mad Season – November Hotel