DevilDriver – Through the Depths
Periphery – Everything is Fine!
Cradle Of Filth – She Is A Fire
Metallica – Screaming Suicide
Dave Lombardo – Journey of the Host
Anoxia – Languish In Suffering
Rise Of The Northstar – Third Strike
Extreme – Rise
Fit For An Autopsy – Hellions
Temtris – Revenge
Deathstars – Midnight Party
The Ocean – Parabiosis
Firewind – Destiny Is Calling
Ne Obliviscaris – Equus
Omnium Gatherum – Slasher
Keep Of Kalessin – The Omni
Mammon’s Throne – Return Us To The Stars
Powerwolf – No Prayer At Midnight
Hatesphere – Darkspawn
Doomed And Disgusting – Murder In The Dark
HEAVY REQUESTS! Rock/Metal bands active with no original members!
Sepultura – Necromancer
Napalm Death – When All Is Said And Done
Quiet Riot – Metal Health
Gwar – Crack In The Egg
Stratovarius – Unbreakable – Remastered
Opeth – April Ethereal
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal
Judas Priest – The Sentinel
In Flames – Lord Hypnos