Gojira – Born For One Thing
Architects – Discourse Is Dead
Matthew K. Heafy – Wellerman (feat. Livia Zita)
Memoriam – Failure to Comply
Tomahawk – Dog Eat Dog
Cannibal Corpse – Inhumane Harvest
Sabaton – Livgardet
Introspect – Mjolnir
Eyehategod – Circle of Nerves
Liquid Tension Experiment – Beating The Odds
Epica – The Skeleton Key
Andrew W.K. – Babalon
Flaming Wrekage – Straight For The Kill
Moonspell – Entitlement
Evile – Hell Unleashed
Claim The Throne – Firestorm
Landmvrks – Overrated
Conan – Hawk as Weapon (LIVE)
The Stranger – Kaleidoscope
Carmeria  – To Lead the Blind
The Amenta – Overpast
Firstborne – Soul Control
HEAVY REQUESTS – One Only! Rock/Metal songs about ‘SATAN’!
Venom – Sons Of Satan
Slayer – The Antichrist
Kreator – Satan Is Real
Morbid Angel – Bleed for the Devil
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast
S.O.D. – Bigger Than The Devil
Coven – Pact With Lucifer
Deicide – Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon
Ghost – Satan Prayer
Mercyful Fate – Satan’s Fall