Corpsegrinder – All Souls Get Torn
Hammerfall – Brotherhood
Ibaraki – Akumu
Animals As Leaders – Gordian Naught
Absent in Body – Sarin
Echoes In Eternity – Retaliate
Evergrey – Save Us
Matt Pike  – Throat Cobra
Abbath – The Book of Breath
Ironstone – Shiny Things
Intoxicated – Revelation Denied
Crowbar – Bleeding From Every Hole
Allegaeon – Of Beasts and Worms
Amon Amarth – Put Your Back Into The Oar
Vio-lence – Screaming Always
Amorphis – Seven Roads Come Together
Meshuggah – The Abysmal Eye
Idle Ruin – Valley Inferno
Sabaton – Dreadnought
Dark Funeral – Let the Devil In
Audrey Horne – Devil’s Bell
Voyager – Dreamer
HEAVY REQUESTS! Rock/Metal songs about ‘nightmares’!
Vio-lence – Eternal Nightmare
Metallica – All Nightmare Long
Mercyful Fate – Nightmare
Testament – Nightmare (Coming Back To You)
At The Gates – The Nightmare of Being
Venom – Nightmare
Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare
Annihilator – The Nightmare Factory
Overkill – Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)