KK’s Priest – Hellfire Thunderbolt
Go Ahead And Die – Toxic Freedom
Powerwolf – Beast of Gevaudan
Zombi – Chant
Fear Factory – Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
Paradise Lost – Darker Thoughts (Live)
Times Of Grace – The Burden Of Belief
Conduction – Closing of the Gate
Insomnium – The Reticent
Dress the Dead – Promises and Kisses
Helloween – Fear of the Fallen
Wizardthrone – Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland
Enslaved – The Crossing (Live)
Inhuman Condition – Killing Pace
Silver Lake – Ray Of Light
Mastodon – Forged By Neron
The Omnific – Wax & Wane
Beartooth – Fed Up
Zeal & Ardor – Run
Acolyte – Resentment
Burial Pit  – Subhuman Scum
Evile – War Of Attrition
Deftones – You’ve Seen The Butcher
HEAVY REQUESTS – Rock/Metal songs that contain a job title Eg ‘Dr Stein’
S.O.D. – Sargent ‘D’ & The S.O.D.
Chaos Divine – Soldiers
Voivod – Korgull The Exterminator
Megadeth – Architecture Of Aggression
Van Halen – Hot For Teacher
Edguy – Space Police
Black Sabbath – A National Acrobat
Extreme – When I’m President
Destruction – Mad Butcher (Live)
Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood