Queensryche – Man The Machine
King 810 – Braveheart
Slipknot – All Out Life
Sick Of It All – Self Important Shithead
Soen – Rival
Whitechapel – Brimstone
Lovebites – Rising
Skinlab – Dead Tomorrow
Within Temptation – Raise Your Banner
Soilwork – Full Moon Shoals
A Pale Horse Named Death – Love The Ones You Hate
Billybio – Rise And Slay
Born Of Osiris – The Accursed
Our 6th Birthday Celebration Request Show
Request ONE Rock/Metal band you love or discovered on this station!
Decapitated – Day 69
Coroner – Serpent Moves
Divine Ascension – Liberator
Dead Kelly – Down By The Creek
Disturbed – Are You Ready
Strapping Young Lad – Detox
Ensiferum – In My Sword I Trust
Type O Negative – Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
Hadal Maw – White Elephant
Chaos Divine – One Door
Contrive – What’s Mine
Witherscape – God Of Ruin
My Dying Bride – The Dark Caress
Godflesh – Dogbite
Dismember – Override Of The Overture
Sepultura – Arise