Suicide Silence – Love Me To Death
Healing Magic – Medicinal
Ozzy Osbourne – Straight To Hell
Skinlab – Eyes of Your Enemy
Jasta – Spilled Blood Never Dries
Lindemann – Allesfresser
Sepultura – Isolation
Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion
Sons Of Apollo – Goodbye Divinity
King Diamond – Masquerade of Madness
Mental Cavity – Artificial Integration
Sodom – Out Of The Frontline Trench
Misery Loves Co. – Dead Streets
Meshiaak – Mask Of All Misery
Droid – Mouth Of The Hound
Abigail Williams – Sun And Moon
Slayer – South Of Heaven (LIVE)
Cattle Decapitation – Vulturous
Lordi – Shake The Baby Silent
Once Human – Sledgehammer
HEAVY REQUESTS! One Band Only, you have never seen Live?
Pestilence – The Secrecies of Horror
Bloodbath – Ways To The Grave
Iron Maiden – For The Greater Good Of God
Obituary – Don’t Care
Gojira – Stranded
Vio-lence – Bodies On Bodies
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Soulfly – The Summoning
My Dying Bride – The Fever Sea