Dark Tranquillity – Encircled
Aversions Crown – Ophiophagy


Crowbar – The Enemy Beside You
Metallica – Murder One


Animals as Leaders – Inner Assassins
Superjoint Ritual – Circling the Drain


Firewind – Hands Of Time
Overkill – Our Finest Hour


Boris The Blade – Warpath
Sirenia – Treasure N’ Treason
Bullet For My Valentine – Don’t Need You


Kreator – Gods Of Violence
Devilment – Full Dark, No Stars
Freedom Call – A World Beyond


Enslaved – Heimvegen
Ion Dissonance – Suffering: The Art of Letting Go
Dyssidia – An Absolute Serverance


Sepultura – I Am The Enemy
Witchery – Nosferatu
Neurosis – Broken Ground


HammerFall – Dethrone and Defy


Songs that begin with an acoustic guitar intro ONLY!
Sepultura – Beneath The Remains
Lamb Of God – Ghost Walking
Black Sabbath – Spiral Architect
Testament – The Ballad
Nevermore – A Future Uncertain
Pantera – Cemetery Gates
Opeth – Face of Melinda
Bathory – Blood And Iron
Metallica – Battery
In Flames – Moonshield