Filter – For the Beaten
Steel Panther – Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)
Gojira – Our Time Is Now
Ironstone – Brave The Black
Babymetal – Divine Attack (Shingeki)
Eluveitie – Exile Of The Gods
Darkthrone – Caravan Of Broken Ghosts
Astrodeath – Red Weed
Architects – A New Moral Low Ground
Aborted – Infinite Terror
Threshold – Complex
Project 34 – Prayer
Alter Bridge – Holiday
Black Lava – Northern Dawn
John Carpenter – Halloween
INTERVIEW w/ John Carpenter Part.1
John Carpenter – Weeping Ghost
INTERVIEW w/ John Carpenter Part.2
John Carpenter – Escape From New York
INTERVIEW w/ John Carpenter Part.3
John Carpenter – The Dead Walk
INTERVIEW w/ John Carpenter Part.4
John Carpenter – Dark Blues
John Carpenter – Vortex
Babymetal – Elevator Girl (English Version)
John Carpenter – The Thing
Destroyer 666 – Andraste
Rock/Metal songs that have the same name as their band” eg Overkill – Overkill
Deicide – Deicide
Manowar – Manowar
Malevolent Creation – Malevolent Creation
Avantasia – Avantasia
Exodus – Exodus
Infectious Grooves – Infectious Grooves
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Body Count – Body Count
Overkill – Overkill
Motorhead – Motorhead (Live)