Killer Be Killed – Deconstructing Self-Destruction
Chaos Divine – Instincts
Deftones – Error
Iron Maiden – Aces High (Mexico 2019)
The Night Flight Orchestra – Impossibile
Brave The Cold – Blind Eye
James Norbert Ivanyi – Rubik’s Grand Convolution
Mr. Bungle – Eracist
Mors Principium Est – My Home, My Grave
In Malice’s Wake – The Blindness Of Faith
Six Feet Under – Blood of the Zombie
Solstafir – Her Fall from Grace
Sodom – Sodom & Gomorrah
Growth – Something Follows
My Dying Bride – A Secret Kiss
Anaal Nathrakh – Requiem
Harlott – As We Breach
Ascension of the Watchers – The End Is Always The Beginning
Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
Zeal & Ardor – Tuskegee
King Parrot – Nor Is Yours
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Morbid Angel – Summoning Redemption
Testament – Low
Killswitch Engage – The Hell in Me
Megadeth – Reckoning Day
Iron Maiden – Caught Somewhere In Time
Death – Symbolic
My Dying Bride – She Is The Dark
Slayer – Killing Fields
Fear Factory – 540,000° Fahrenheit