Hellyeah – Oh My God
As I Lay Dying – Blinded
Warbringer – Firepower Kills
Babymetal – Shanti Shanti Shanti
Dragonforce – Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine
Rings Of Saturn – Mental Prolapse
Opeth – Continuum
Lacuna Coil – Under The Surface
Nile – Revel in their Suffering
Borknagar – Into the White
Mayhem – Of Worms And Ruins
Klone – Silver Gate
Intoxicated – Walled
Voyager – Water Over the Bridge
The Hu – The Great Chinggis Khaan
Gatecreeper – Sweltering Madness
Holy Serpent – Hourglass
Black Rheno – Collision
Cult Of Luna – The Silent Man
Myriad Drone – Disguidance
Full of Hell – Aria of Jeweled Tears
Life Of Agony – Lay Down
GUEST PROGRAM TAKEOVER – Zak Hammat from Adelaide.
Megadeth – Victory
Opeth – Ghost Of Perdition
Sonata Arctica – The Last Amazing Grays
Dream Theater – Outcry
Fear Factory – Replica
Type O Negative – September Sun
Megadeth – Kick the Chair
Iced Earth – Ten Thousand Strong