Entombed A.D. – Fit For A King
Dead Kelly – Put Em Up Cnt
Alice in Chains – Drone
Bring Me The Horizon – Mantra
Riverside – River Down Below
Behemoth – Wolves Ov Siberia
Audiotopsy – What Am I
Opeth – Demon Of The Fall (Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2018)
Voivod – Always Moving
Sumeru – Summon Destroyer
Psycroptic – We Were The Keepers
Warrel Dane – Disconnection System
Cryptopsy – Sire Of Sin
Bear The Mammoth – Mossian
Marty Friedman – Whiteworm (Live)
Imonolith – Dig (Demo 2018)
Arsis – Tricking The Gods
Witherfall – Ode To Despair
Hate Eternal – Nothingness Of Being
Aborted – Vespertine Decay
Lynchmada – Reptile Summer
HEAVY REQUESTS! One band Only!
Name an album you wished they hadn’t released & why?
Entombed – Addiction King
Megadeth – Almost Honest
Coal Chamber – Tragedy
Opeth – The Devil’s Orchard
Machine Head – Triple Beam
Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions
Black Sabbath – Loner
Slipknot – The Devil In I
Morbid Angel – Radikult