Exodus – Clickbait
Bullet For My Valentine – Shatter
Cradle Of Filth – Necromantic Fantasies
Endvs – The Immortals
Mastodon – Pushing The Tides
Cynic – Mythical Serpents
Rivers Of Nihil – The Void from Which No Sound Escapes
Jerry Cantrell – Brighten
Insomnium – The Wanderer
Krave – Puppet
Suffocation – Funeral Inception (Live)
The Agonist – Remnants in Time
The Ascended – Embrace The Suffering
Unleashed – The King Lost His Crown
Corey Taylor  – Holier Than Thou
Iron Maiden – The Parchment
Carcass – The Devil Rides Out
Massacre – The Whisperer In Darkness
Twelve Foot Ninja  – Over And Out
Andrew W.K. – Stay True to Your Heart
HEAVY REQUESTS – One Only! Rock/Metal songs about ‘Chemicals’!
Slayer – Chemical Warfare
Anthrax – C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na
Meshuggah – New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Exodus – The Toxic Waltz
Sodom – Agent Orange
Sepultura – Biotech Is Godzilla
Tankard – Chemical Invasion
Metallica – Cyanide
Kreator – Toxic Trace
Toxic Holocaust – Chemical Warlords