Dedicated to the memory of Daniel Cooper – R.I.P. \m/
Devin Townsend – Kingdom
Lamb Of God – Nevermore
Ozzy Osbourne – Evil Shuffle feat Zack Wylde
Interloper – Bear The Weight
Megadeth – Celebutante
Black Lava – Eye of the Moon
Bloodbath – No God Before Me
In Flames – Foregone Pt.1
Alter Bridge – Sin After Sin
Queensryche – Behind the Walls
Chelsea Grin – Origin of Sin
Circles – Dig
Revocation – Strange and Eternal
INTERVIEW w/ JP from Clutch Part 1.
Clutch – Slaughter Beach
INTERVIEW w/ JP from Clutch Part 2.
Clutch – Nosferatu Madre
INTERVIEW w/ JP from Clutch Part 3.
Clutch – Skeletons On Mars
INTERVIEW w/ JP from Clutch Part 4.
Clutch – Mountain Of Bone
Clutch – Earth Rocker
Clutch – Minotaur
Intoxicated – Majestic Ride
Rock/Metal songs about Royalty eg Kings, Queens, Princes…
Metallica – The Prince
Hate Eternal – King Of All Kings
Queensryche – Queen of the Reich
Manowar – Kings Of Metal
Rainbow – Kill The King
Machine Head – Killers & Kings
Steel Panther – If I Was the King
Bruce Dickinson – King In Crimson
Savatage – Hall Of The Mountain King
Satyricon – K.I.N.G.
Testament – The Pale King