Like Thieves – Never See It Coming
Dead City Ruins – Bones


Dead Letter Circus – The Armour You Own
Deprivation – Left For Dead


Horizon’s Edge – In A Moment
Bury The Kings – Stage 3 – Take Me With You


High Tension – Bite the Leash (Burn)
Dark Universe – Weight of the World


Mournful Congregation – Scripture of Exaltation and Punishment
The Ascended – Drag Me To Hell


BATTLE OF THE BLASTERS! Voting Poll Winner Dave Haley
Psycroptic – Forward to Submission
Psycroptic – A Calculated Effort
Psycroptic – The Sword Of Uncreation
Psycroptic – A Soul Once Lost
Psycroptic – The Colour Of Sleep
Psycroptic – Setting The Skies Ablaze
Psycroptic – Merchants of Deceit
Psycroptic – Battling The Misery Of Organon
Psycroptic – Skin Coffin
Psycroptic – Unmasking the Traitors 3:55
Psycroptic – Horde In Devolution
Psycroptic – Condemned By Discontent
Psycroptic – Echoes to Come