Zeolite – Despised
Walk With Kings – The Long Shadow 
Japam – Sickboy Wants A Hotdog
Life Pilot – Dark, Dark Goose 
Superheist – The Riot
I Am Duckeye – Headlights
Hybrid Nightmares – Star Fortress
Minus Life – Erasing Enemies
Truth Corroded – Of Open Eyes And Willing Hands
Suldusk – Aphasia
Darkcell – The Great Big Nothing
All This Filth – This Is Misery
I Built The Sky – Aviaticus
Boris The Blade – Malevolent
Harlott – Civil Unrest
Carbon Black – End of This 
King Parrot – Piss Wreck
And Then Silence – Blood on my Hands
Ruins – Let Them Perish
Cog – No Other Way
Armoured Angel – Hymn Of Hate
Frankenbok – The Downfall Of Detroit
The Ascended – Drag Me To Hell
Aversions Crown – Imperfect Design