Triple Kill – Finish The Fight
Dr Colossus – Pickabar
Temtris – Ritual Warfare
Beleth – Silent Genesis
Hailmary – Raiser
Tensiion – Dead Weight
Bison – Begin Again
Crypt Crawler – Future Usurper
I Am Duckeye – Frankston Burial
Black Rheno – Battle Ready
Above, Below – Melting Amber
Cog – Bondi (Extended)
Dungeon – The Legend Of Huma
Chaos Divine – Colours of War
Blackhelm – Dark Clouds Of The Inferno
Descend To Acheron – The Transience Of Flesh
Suldusk – Solus Ipse
Jake Weber – Machine God
Anno Domini – Breathe Deep Ash
Decimatus – One foot in the grave
Deprivation – Through The Ribcage