Five Survive – Medicine
Where The Devil – Beaten Down Broken Crown
Werewolves – We Are Better Than You
From Crisis To Collapse – Needlepoint
Scaphis – Dissected Fermented
T-Rex Autopsy – Ibn Sina
Elegeion – Plight of the Heretic
Outer Worlds – Occam’s Razor
Malignant Aura – In A Timeless Place Beneath The Earth
Addictive – Boiling Point
Lagerstein – Shoey Song
Armoured Earth – Fracture
Mountain Wizard Death Cult – Initiation
Project 34 – Distant Eradication
The Ascended – Drag Me To Hell
Claim The Throne – On Desolate Plains
Endvs – Tears Drown Your Grave
Allegiance – Destitution
Evocatus – Walls Of Troy
Poor – Tell Someone Who Cares
Christbait – God