Hadal Maw – Idolatry
Kaerulean – Perception Lost
Bear The Mammoth – Known Unknowns
The Creptter Children – Watching You
Coffin Carousel – All Alone
Wildheart – We Are
Transience – Words
The Eternal – A Cold Day To Face My Failure
Hypergiant – No Way Out
Boris The Blade – Anathema
Harlott – Whore
Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path
Karnivool – All I Know
Dyssidia – An Absolute Serverance
Jerk – I Hate People Like That
Cog – Silence is Violence
Five Star Prison Cell – Swarm
Segression – Fifth of the Fifth
Norse – Worn and Grey
Darkc3ll – Preacher
Claim The Throne – Set Sail On Ale
The Mark Of Cain – (R) Retaliate