Dirt City – Kings
Elm Street – Take The Night

The Omnific – Phat Mackerel
Skydrive – Shaded Revolution

The Amenta – Plague Of Locus
The City – 24K

Thy Art Is Murder – Blood Throne
Our Last Enemy – Bless The Fall

Suiciety – Heliotherapy
The Symbiosist – Deathmask
Werewolves – I Hate Therefore I Am

Claret Ash – Cascadence Of The Twilight

The Mark Of Cain – The Contender
Alchemist – Chinese Whispers
Mortality – Unlearn
Parkway Drive – Absolute Power
Cog – Swamp
Long Voyage Back – Behind The Eyes
Abramelin – Full Gore Whore
Lord Kaos – Crystal Lakes
Rome – Love To Rose
Anatomy – The Frozen Darkness
Hidden Intent – Drop Bears Are Real
The Ascended – Shadow Walker