Red Bee – One Way Heart
Bear The Mammoth – Known Unknowns
Boris The Blade – Anathema
Carbon Black – End of This
Black Majesty – Something’s Going On
Maniaxe – Heavy Metal Onslaught
Sleepmakeswaves – To Live Is To Die
Seraphic – The Monster Within
Whoretopsy – Divine Indigestion
Plini – Kind
Valhalore – The Winterstone
Dreadnaught – Scumbag
Aversions Crown – The Breeding Process
Alchemist – Road To Ubar
Hidden Intent – Drop Bears Are Real
Ne Obliviscaris – Libera (Part I) – Saturnine Spheres
Dungeon – Pariah
Abrasion – Cold Steel Shape Enforcer
Grill – Voyager
Twelve Foot Ninja – Collateral
King – Reclaim The Darkness