Elm Street – Take The Night
The Omnific – Phat Mackerel

The Amenta – Plague Of Locus
Dirt City – Cocoon

Skydrive – Through This Fire
Our Last Enemy – Hex Design

Suiciety – Heliotherapy
Claret Ash – Ground Dweller

Thy Art Is Murder – Blood Throne
The Symbiosist – Deathmask

The City – 24K
Polaris – Overflow
Carthus – Fed To The Lions

Black Lava – Baptised in Ice
King Parrot – Piss Wreck
Horizons Edge – Out Of The Ashes
Alarum – Syzygy
Battlegrave – Betray Your Beliefs
Contrive – Beside Yourself
Damnations Day – Colours of Darkness
Chaos Divine – False Flags
Alchemist – Tide In, Mind Out
Vanishing Point – Bring On The Rain
Cemetery Urn – A Requiem For Servants Aflame
The Mark Of Cain – Point Man