Panik – Show No Mercy
Parkway Drive – Darker Still
Freedom Of Fear – Zenith
Tetrament – Lifeless
Black Lava – Soul Furnace
Silent Knight – Blood In The Water
Ocean Sleeper – Parasite
Robot God – Ready To Launch
As Paradise Falls – TR4K 1
Slaves of Dissonance – Panopticon City
The Overcoming Project – Determination
Toxicon – (Dis)connect
Cog – Bird of Feather
Airbourne – Burnout The Nitro
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Jack The Ripper
King Parrot – Blaze in the Northern Suburbs
Chalice – Solitary Waves
Sunk Loto – 5 Years Of Silence
Allegiance – Downward Spiral
Devil Electric – All My Friends Move Like The Night
Dungeon – Lost In The Light
Armoured Angel – My Fist, Your Face
Abramelin – Full Gore Whore
Alchemist – Unfocused
Circles – The Messenger
Daemon Pyre – Enslaved God Scenario