Nefariym – Tearing the Flesh from the Bone
The Nuremberg Code – Revolution
Tempest Rising – Ghosts II
Desecrator – Belly Of The Beast
Kimura – Sharpen The Bones – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!
Shihad – Tear Down Those Names
Be’lakor – Hidden Window
Wicked Smile – Last Goodbye
Corruption Rising – Death By Exile
The Amenta – Solipschism
The Last Martyr – Afterglow
Henry’s Anger – One To Fifteen
Pathogen – Identity Theft
Eyefear – The Eyes Tell No Lies – While The World Sleeps Part 4
Conduction – Lifeblood Dry
Hidden Intent – We Are The End of Us
Harlott – The Penitent
Descend To Acheron – The Transience Of Flesh
The Omen – Three Thirty Three
The Mark Of Cain – Point Man
Karnivool – Goliath
Alchemist – Eve of the War
Red Bee – Dead Inside
Beleth – Silent Genesis