Lagerstein – Shoey Song
M0dal1ty – Redemption
Freedom of Fear – The Abstract Venom
Lord – Master of Darkness
Thy Art Is Murder – New Gods
Seas Of Conflict – Eventide
Northlane – Jinn
Blackhelm – Carving a Titan
Above, Below – Labyrinth
Envenomed – Rebellion
Eternal Rest – Obscured Faith
AUSSIE ‘HEAVY’ REQUESTS! One band Only! The Last band you bought or streamed their music?
Dead Kelly – Push Forward Fucken Engage
Cog – Bird of Feather
Caligula’s Horse – Dream the Dead
Daysend – The Coldest Of Disasters
Chaos Divine – False Flags
Bunyip – Powerball
Our Last Enemy – Spitfire
Alchemist – Abstraction
Hammers – Just Cause
Bastardizer – Whiskey ’til Death
Truth Corroded – Conquest Of Divide
Battlegrave – Betray Your Beliefs
Aversions Crown – The Soulless Acolyte