Seas of Titan – Viewpoint
Polaris – Nightmare

The Broken And The Wicked – Skin And Bone
Spacegoat – Beyond The Stars

Ghost Engine – Writings
Dirt City – Squelch

Void Of Vision – Angel Of Darkness
PistonFist – Resent The Day
Bear The Mammoth – Rubon Cube

Hatescape – Hollow
Warning Order – Undertow

Werewolves – Destroyer Of Worlds

Aeon Of Horus – Symbiosis
King Parrot – Die Before You Die
Devolved – Distorted
Slaughter Lord – Die By Power
In:Extremis – Hybrid Scarifier
Freedom Of Fear – Entities
Beanflipper – Fault
Sithlord – Next In Line
Plague Dweller – Our Names Will Not Be Called (The Priest)
The Berzerker – Failure
Alien Weaponry – Tangaroa
Switchblade – Wings Of Redemption
Dead Kelly – Slave To The Crystal Pipe
Battlegrave – Rot In Oblivion