Sentia – Faceless
Gravemind – The Effigy
Moustache Ant – Grandiosity
Hidden Intent – Pub Feed
Take My Soul – The Dreamer
Heathenspawn – Hell’s Tavern
The Ascended – The Priestess
Abstract The Light – Gateways To Sulphur Chrysalis
It Was Earth All Along – Set In Stone
Idiot Dog Brain – Uncle Satan
Innasanatorium – Accelerated Oblivion
The Meaning Of – Mother Earth
AUSSIE REQUEST – Bands starting with letter ‘C’!
Chaos Divine – Unspoken
Cryogenic – Redneck
Cirrus Crown – Hardest Truth
Cog – Naming the Elephant
Circles – Breaker
Contrive – Slow Dissolve
Chalice – The Stigma Of An Age
Claim The Throne – Set Sail On Ale
Clagg – Buried
Cursed Earth – War March