Silent Knight – When The Fallen Angel Flies
Azreal – The Wait


Blunt Shovel – Destination Dog Food
Hadal Maw – False King


Ex Nihilo – Ex Nihilo
Boris the Blade – Nihilist


A Breach of Silence – Falling Away.
Aversions Crown – The Oracles of Existence
Caetera – Forces Of Hate


Thy Art Is Murder – No Absolution
Last 9 Days – Paid In Pain
Dodknell – Praise Death


Aus Bands that are no longer active!
Abrasion – Maniacal
Hyperion – The Shroud
Killengod – Soul Mutilation
Switchblade – The Cancer Benign
Jericco – Promises Made Of Glass
Katabasis – Hierophant
Sobrusion – Echo of the Ants
‘Neath – The Spiders Sleep
Heavy Weight Champ – Among the Last Alone
Henry’s Anger – Personality Test
Terrorust – Hunting Humans