Warning Order – Oceans Of Despair
Northlane – Plenty
Eviscerate The Crown – The Abyss
Gangs Of Old Ladies – Disease Of The Undead
Mushroom Giant – Mountain Ash
Infinite Exile – War Is Here
Ilium – Hostile Sky
Frankenbok – Our Last Breathe
Conduction – Blood In My Eyes
Piston Fist – Resent The Day
Massic – Surrender
Zombonimo – Camo
Incrypt – Extermination
Voyager – Straight To The Other Side
Mark Of Cain – Long Haul
Zeolite – Indoctrinated
Portal – Eye
Battlegrave – They’re Under The Ground
Switchblade – Wings Of Redemption
Virgin Black – Our Wings Are Burning
Damaged – Open Arms
Stargazer – The Scream That Tore The Sky
Beanflipper – Scuz
In Malice’s Wake – Endless Possession
Neotokyo – Speak
Orpheus Omega – Corridors