Sydonia – Shame
Alkira – Gene Supremacy
Copia – Disconnected


Silent Knight – When The Fallen Angel Flies
Boris The Blade – Warpath


Last 9 Days – Hatred Now Burns
Sun of Gaia – Peril
Bane Of Bedlam – Guilty at Birth


Hadal Maw – Simian Plague
Aversions Crown – Hybridization


Segression – Fifth of the Fifth
Like Thieves – Picture Perfect
Red Bee – Road Kill
Purged – Cold
The Outcome – Burning Cage
Twelve Foot Ninja – Collateral
Armoured Angel – Hymn Of Hate
And Then Silence – At the Darkening of the World
Chaos Divine – Still Bleeding
King Parrot – Sun in the Sea
Henry’s Anger – Personality Test
Psycroptic – A Soul Once Lost
Opia – Still Standing
Damaged – Dust