Disentomb – Centuries of Deluge
Hemina – We Will
Chaos Divine – False Flags
Cog – Drawn Together
Envenomed – Abandon Hope
Ragdoll – Rust
Lord – Nod to the Old School
Freedom of Fear – Purgatorium
We Lost The Sea – Towers
Alien Weaponry – Blinded
AUSSIE REQUESTS! Bands start with the letter ‘S’ only!
Sydonia – Ocean of Storms
Sunk Loto – Sunken Eyes
Sadistik Exekution – Electrokution
Slaughter Lord – Slaughter Lord
Stare At The Clouds – Concurrent Abreaction I: Presage (The Hunter)
Segression – RamRod
Somnium Nox – Soliloquy Of Lament
Superheist – God Knows
Sakkuth – Quest From Within
Se Bon Ki Ra – One Thousand Ways to be
Sumeru – Holy Lands
Sleepmakeswaves – Traced In Constellations